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Brain and Spine Treatment in India

The brain and spinal cord together form the central nervous system. This complex system is part of everything we do. It controls the things we choose to do. Thus a small disorder can be of grave danger to one’s life. Treatments related to brain and spinal code in called as Neurosurgery or neurological surgery concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, surgical treatment and rehabilitation of disorders which affect any portion of the nervous system. Surgeons in India are board certified and fellowship trained and train other doctors. On the leading edge of neurological medicine, they use conventional surgical technique.Advancement of various techniques and medical facilities in India make it vital and super special country for any kind of Brain and Spine treatment for all patients across the Globe. All services during treatment provides exceptional medical care.

Cost of Brain and Spine Treatment in India

Neurosurgery Hospitals in India have rehabilities specialists, as a complex neurosurgery often requires intense physical and neuro rehabilitation. Neurosurgery in cost in India for the excision of the pituitary gland tumor is USD $3000 to $6000. The cost of the same neurosurgery in the USA would be approximately five times of cost in India. Therefore, people across the world prefer to come India for their treatment.

We at Al Ahamd healthcare assist you with best Brain and Spine treatment with affordable prices as we are associated with best Neurological treatment hospitals in India. Hence our core objective is to provide best treatment in India. We help our patients in the best suitable and most appropriate treatment plan. Complete personal assistance will be provide by our experts for a satisfactory and wonderful experience of medical tourism to India. You can send a medical history reports to info@alhamdhealthcare.com for a quick response from our consultants.

Following are the best Brain and Spine Treatment Hospitals in India:

  • Apollo Hospital in Chennai
  • Seven Hills Hospital, Mumbai
  • Aster CMI, Banglore
  • Apollo Indraprastha, New Delhi
  • KMC Manipal
  • KEM Hospital, Mumbai

Our Doctors

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